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Performance-Based Contracting Can Provide Flexibility, Drive Efficiency, and Focus Resources on What Works in Social Services By Emily Gustafsson-Wright 2018
Performance-based contracts, an umbrella term used to describe contracts that make compensations partially or fully contingent upon performance achievement, have become increasingly used to incentivize service providers to deliver results. The past two decades have seen a further push under the umbrella of performance-based contracts toward contracts that provide incentives to deliver measurable results in the form of outcomes, as opposed to outputs. Pay for Success, also known as a social impact bond, is the most recent iteration of such outcomes-based funding. Outcomes-based funding has enormous potential to help achieve equitable access to quality social services. The greater focus on outcomes can lead to flexibility, innovation, and adaptive learning in service delivery, and an emphasis on evaluation can enhance transparency in social spending and facilitate funding what works


Journal Article Public Agency Accountability in Human Services Contracting Lisa A. Dicke and J. Steven Ott Public Productivity & Management Review Vol. 22, No. 4 (Jun., 1999), pp. 502-516 Published by: Taylor & Francis, Ltd. DOI: 10.2307/3380933 Page Count: 15

Mowat Centre Mowat Centre

Mowat Centre's recently published "Better Outcomes for Public Service: Achieving Social Impact Through Outcomes-Based Funding" looks at the growing global trend toward outcomes-based program funding. Examining current challenges, including the need for evidence-based social impact measurements and an alignment of stakeholder incentives, the study provides key recommendations for baseline information, stakeholder capacity and system-level

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Turbocharging Government’s Human Services Contracting: Five Ways to Improve the Impact of Local Government Contracting with Community-based Organizations By Lauren Sanchez Gilbert and Matthew Klein Aug 2018
Contracting with nonprofits helps local governments provide services that meet the unique needs of individual communities in a culturally competent manner. It also enables us to employ subject-matter expertise that is often more specialized than that of large government agencies. These partnerships help government be more nimble and responsive to changes by providing the flexibility to procure the right providers with the right expertise at the right time. All of which fulfills the primary goal of government services, which is to meet constituent needs through the efficient and equitable investment of taxpayer dollars.However, the contracting processes through which government and nonprofits partner need work. The existing structures for designing programs, disbursing funding, and sharing data can be confusing, inefficient, or focused on the wrong measures of success. We recognize that the intention of these structures — in domains that include procurement, finance, legal, and technology — has typically been to promote fairness, protect privacy, and safeguard public funds. But if we clear the overgrown path that contracting has become, we can still fulfill those intentions and get to better solutions, faster…