Emergency Shelter - Homelessness Program Evaluation

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Outcomes and Performance Indicators Emergency Shelter Program This set of outcome indicators, developed by the Urban Institute, is aimed at supporting supporting the development, monitoring and evaluation of Emergency Shelter Programs.


NCHE Educating Homeless Children and Youth: Conducting Needs ...
This NCHE publication provides a three-tiered approach to conducting comprehensive needs assessments and program evaluations to strengthen homeless education programs

The Homeless Hub The Homeless Hub

Coordinated Assessment (also known as Coordinated Intake, and in the UK as Common Assessment) is key to delivering integrated and focused early interventions for individuals and families at risk of homelessness. It is a standardized approach to assessing a person’s current situation, the acuity of their needs and the services they currently receive and may require in the future, and takes into account the background factors that contribute to risk and resilience, changes in acuity, and the role friends, family, caregivers, community and environmental factors play on a person’s development and ability to move forward with their life. The National Alliance to End Homelessness in the US argues that coordinated assessment undergirds a more efficient and effective homelessness response