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The AUDIT (Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test) was developed by the World Health Organization to identify persons whose alcohol consumption has become harmful or hazardous to their health. The AUDIT is not designed to identify substance use disorders according to diagnostic criteria. The AUDIT is designed for written administration, but is short enough to be read to a respondent for oral administration.

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Substance Use Screening & Assessment Instruments Database This resource is intended to help clinicians and researchers find instruments used for screening and assessment of substance use and substance use disorders


The CRAFFT Questions A Brief Screening Test for Adolescent Substance Abuse*

Counselling Resources Counselling Resources

Counselling Resources Michigan Assessment Screening Test - Alcohol Drug (MAST-AD) 25-item self-report questionanire; Measures the degree to which an individual exhibits problems associated with the use of drugs & alcohol.

PerformWell PerformWell

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Use - YRBS Behaviors examined are those that are leading contributors to death, disability, and social problems in this young population, and include tobacco use, unhealthy dietary behaviors, inadequate physical activity, alcohol and other drug use, sexual behaviors that contribute to unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (including HIV), and behaviors that contribute to unintentional injuries and violence.

Youth Attitudes toward Substance Use – CTC This survey is designed to measure adolescent antisocial behaviors such as drug use, delinquency, and school dropout, and the risk and protective factors that increase or decrease the likelihood of these problem behaviors. The survey measures 16 risk factors and 9 protective factors at the individual, peer, family, school, and community level.

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