OHS Change Management

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Institute for Work & Health Institute for Work & Health

Institute for Work & Health Evidence-based case studies explore process of "breakthrough change"
Not much is known about how low performers in health and safety become good performers. New research-based case studies from the Institute for Work & Health help fill the gap by illustrating the factors critical to making large improvement in health and safety, based on an evidence-based model of "breakthrough change."

The Research Partnership Program (RPP) The Research Partnership Program (RPP)

The Research Partnership Program (RPP) was designed to give agency leaders in human services a process to develop and grow health and wellness initiatives that will have a strong possibility of creating real change. The purposes of the program are: to stimulate wellness initiatives, to work collaboratively using a participatory approach, and to develop models of change. Agencies participating in the RPP will actively be involved in assessment, planning initiatives, implementation of their program, creating communication and policy materials, and program evaluation. Representatives from these agencies will participate in the Alberta-wide Health and Wellness Conference in 2017, to share success stories and lessons learned from their agency’s program. We hope to develop case studies from these agencies that can further inform our HWHP framework and provide examples for other Alberta human-services agencies. We would like to identify other interested agencies in each of the sub-sectors to continue this work.